New Zealand Festival

A festival events & shows program with a powerful CMS back-end to manage it all.


  • Wagtail
  • Python
  • Django

Work (as a developer at Springload)

  • Post-Launch Feature Development
  • Maintenance & Upgrades


The New Zealand Festival has been going since 1986, bringing the best live arts experiences from all over the world to kiwis. It is today one of the 5 largest festivals in Australasia but has grown beyond a single event, with a digital arts magazine and the Culture Club to keep things going all year long.

After a complete redesign (both front-end and back-end) in 2016 which resulted in a massive increase in mobile traffic mostly due to the website being responsive, and a reduced bounce rate thanks to a clearer navigation, the goal in 2018 was to increase conversion.

To this effect, the focus was set on the shortlist, encouraging users to save the shows they are interested in rather than directly buying a single ticket. All their interests would then be listed on a single page which they can share with their friend, export to their calendar for reminders and purchase in bulk (which unfortunately still had to happen on the ticket vendor website due to some limitation of their API).

New Zealand Festival Shortlist
The shortlist can be shared, exporter to an ICAL file and used as a cart