New Zealand Red Cross

A multi-faceted website to share touching stories, allow for easy first-aid courses booking and drive donations.


  • Wagtail
  • Python
  • Django

Work (as a developer at Springload)

  • Post-Launch Feature Development
  • Maintenance & Upgrades


The New Zealand Red Cross is part of the largest humanitarian network in the world but despite its size, still rely heavily on donation. For this reason, the redesign focussed on driving donations and resulted in a 90% increase.

Later, the need for flexible content pages came by and the modularity of Wagtail Streamfield was of a great help. Indeed, it's very easy to create "blocks" with a custom set of fields to match different needs (e.g. the title, icon and description of an statistics block or the image, caption and credits information of an image block) which the user can arrange in any order, allowing a flexible layout. In the back-end, blocks have their own template which make maintaining them a breathe.

New Zealand Red Cross Report Article
Wagtail Streamfield's flexibility allows the CMS user to arrange the content as they please, in any order while ensuring a consistent look accros the website.